Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Last night was my first time joining the class. I reached there a little bit earlier. And I saw Zule' was there, thanks God because I felt pretty awkward. She came at 8.00 eventhough the class started at 8.30. Excited maybe, is it Zule'? We entered the class and it's still empty. They, I mean the other students were outside. We just sat and then, a guy came; staring at us as if we've sat at his place. Excuse me! Whatever~ Dr Wan came in and so did the students. Yes for sure, as the brand new one, I've to introduce myself to the class. Act, I got nothing to tell. So, at last Dr Wan asked me a few questions and I just answered them. Thanks for saving me! HAHA! They were asked to act and Zule' and I were selected to be the judges as they've started the class earlier. Yeah, they're not pro but then they're so cool including Madam who is one of the lecturers; from Sweden. And you know what, he's married to a Kelantanese Malay guy. Gosh, I wanna marry to a White! *flirting ;) Yep, last night was really fun!

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