Thursday, January 7, 2010

My heart and soul.

I LOVE MY FAMILY. Maybe you used to hear this from each and everyone on earth, right? Urmm.. but I do mean my words. I love my family and I know I do, no matter what. Yep! Family comes first. Whatever I'm going to decide;to do, my fam gonna be my reference. I do believe their sayings and their actions; never less care to tell me the truth. Friends may lie but not your fam members. They praise you when you look good, they even criticize you when you are a bitch! They hate you when forget to call them for even a single day but they love you more than a lover loves his beloved for every single thing you do.

And this is my family members. Currently (hehe) and forever, I've 4 siblings. We're the products of our Abah and Ummi. hehs.



Their adorable+wise children are..
  1. Asni
  2. Aslah
  3. Asna (me!)
  4. Asmaa
  5. that's all. :D

ASNI (Kak Asni)

ASLAH (Abe Lah)




ASMAA (Adik)

 Btw,, I know they need me much.  :D Act, my help.

ABAH: Na, dah siap nasi A.Lah? Nanti tolong iron baju abah ni.
ME: Ok.

UMMI: Ummi tak sukala tengok rumah bersepah ni.
ME: Ya Ummi. Na kemas.

K.ASNI: Na, tolong basuh pinggan ni ye!
ME: Letakla kat situ.

A.LAH: Na, nakik!
ME: Nasi atas meja tu. Ambik sudu.

ADIK: Na kan baik. Na, bagitaula Ummi Na nak makan biskut ni, eh?
ME: Ish kalau bukan Na yang mintak memang Adik tak leh makanla ye.

Whatever it is, I still love you all lah. No doubt. (: They give me the undeniable love. We do share everything; academics (main topic!), probs, boys and politics and not forgetting movies+TV shows.
And K.Asni has already married to A.Asib (ABDUL HASIB). The presence of Arissa Batrisyia in our life for the past three months really cheer us up. When she laughs, we laugh and vice versa. :)


B with her Mummy and Daddy

B, UmmiNa can't wait to see you growing and be a little pretty girl. I love you damn much, B!
Ok guys, I think that's all. Hope you enjoy reading this post anyway. Your comments are much appreciated. lol


lisa lahhh said...

you have a beautiful family :D

:asna: said...

u too! (:

wanisyu said...

first niece??haha..i got 11 of them..haha..sweet family asna!!