Friday, December 31, 2010

Congrats Adik!

It's end of December already. I guess I'm not yet too late. Oh, I just wanna congratulate my younger sis for achieving her own target in PMR. Alhamdulillah, she got all A's :D I'm happy for you Adik! Not only me, I mean everybody especially Umi and Abah. You make us proud, really! Hey, at least you did it since your two elder sisters managed to do it before. No pressure huh ? ;)


Hey Adik, it's not where you're studying that matters, it's YOU! But, it's better for you to go to a boarding school. It would be a wise choice :) May you get whatever you're dreaming of. Oh, stop asking me for your present. I won't buy you any *evil laugh* Even I don't say this out loud. I SAYANG you lah BU***! :p