Saturday, January 8, 2011

No, it wasn't only just a dream

Now that the second half of this sem has started for a week. I've at least four to five months before the finals. I'm scared :S I need to cover all the subjects I'm taking. Let keep that aside first. Hehe.

Since it's Saturday, I've got the chance to actually view friends' blogs. You know what I love most about blogging is that I can keep updating myself with friends' life. For the time being, it's quite hard to gather all of them. So, this is one of the ways to keep-in-touch besides Facebook and Twitter. I've to be thankful for Allah's plans. I mean each and everyone of us has his/her own awesome life. Why am I saying this?

Let's see. Back to 2010, it's been a year and plus plus. I would say my 2010 went well. Maybe it wasn't as planned, but I learned a lot in terms of worldly matters and also religious stuffs. After I got my SPM result, I attended several interviews. Unlucky me, I didn't manage to get one :( I was quite frustrated. This is what I dream of since I was a little girl. I used to paste the word 'Australia' on my desk so that I could be motivated to study hard. However, I didn't make it to further my degree abroad. I do get jealous of those who are doing their A-Levels and IB. Hmm I've to accept the fact that man proposes, Allah disposes. I believe in Allah and I should believe He knows the best for me right? Life must go on. Now, life is better. I love to study at International Islamic University Malaysia :) Hoping to further my degree in accounting. InsyaAllah, that's the perfect one for me. Studying abroad is still one of my biggest dreams. One day this dream wouldn't be a dream anymore. Ameeennnnn! For now, I just go with the flow.

For those who I met last year, nice to meet you guys. Especially, JPA & SC's scholars and IIUM buddies. Thanks to each of you who cheered up my days. I owe you a lot.

Throughout 2010, I learned :
- not to trust people 100% unless you know them well
- not to re-do your mistakes
- not to eat spicy food anymore. Hehe ;D
- not to skip medication given :p
- to ignore what people say about me and my family
- to be thankful for what you have
- to be more organize than before
- to recite Al-Quran EVERYDAY!
- to read newspapers!
- to love accounting moreee! *don't discriminate*
- to take good care of myself ^_^
- to appreciate people more
- not to stop loving YOU! yes you the one who is reading right now <3

Thanks a bunch people! :D
Sorry for all my wrongdoings;
For every word that came out from my mouth,
For every annoying action,
For everything.

Let's this 2011 would be a year full with happiness and victory (:

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