Sunday, January 24, 2010


Yeay! Lee Chong Wei won his sixth Malaysian Open Badminton. Woa, so proud of him! Act, it has been a long time since I last watched sports programmes. I hate sports! But then, I was so excited to watch those players while doing the everyday chores. "Ya Ummi, Na buat." Quite frustrated because the female player from Korea gave up easily at the third game. So, the winner goes to China's. Seriously, I enjoyed watching it alone. I laughed, screamed. Kind of weirdo, right? But, it's ok. Really fun babe! (:

Btw, i got a call from Zule'. Act, we're discussing about our plan to join English course somewhere in Kota Bharu. Yes, we may sit for the test tomorrow and class will be started soon. Class will be held thrice a week and we're joining night class. And finally, I'm not 'ternaking the lemaks' anymore. Sorry for not gaining weight. HAHA! Oh can't wait. Hope we could learn something there.Thanks Zule'!

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