Wednesday, March 31, 2010

You, the one I love (=

Leaving the schooling days, I feel like I’m a lil bit older (absolutely, you’re 18!) busier, perhaps. And I know I should be more serious on my future undertakings. Currently, I’m waiting for any offers from universities/colleges in order to pursue my studies. Talking about tertiary education stuff, I’m very glad to have those people who are always revolve around me; for their supports, advices, prayers, willingness to help me and sacrifices. Thanks a lot, ppl! Especially, my parents, Kak Asni, teachers and friends. I admit that they kept on asking me about this stuff without fail; shows how much they really care about me. I’m not alone. Lucky me, definitely. It’s just my bad for not telling you or letting you know about any infos regarding this and I have my own reasons. That’s it. Don’t worry, I’ll not ignore you and keep you away from my thoughts and memories. I know I’m crapping here -.-

"Fate chooses your relations, you choose your friends."
- Jacques Delille
“A friend is one who knows us, but loves us anyway."
~ Jerome Cummings
"The only way to have a friend is to be one."
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Actually, I feel like writing after being too busy (yeke?). I’m not expressing as much as I thought but yeah, writing somehow helps me to feel relief. Argh, I’ve no feelings :I Okay, let’s talk about friends (sounds so cliché right? But it’s ok. Suka hatilah :P) Have you ever thought when you actually have friends but they tend to ignore you, who is at fault? Is it you or your friends? It sucks to feel this way but we can’t deny this because it really happens. On the other hand, it’s GOOD to feel this way as well, for at least you know how much you miss and love them more than they ever do. Deep in my heart, I am a person who really appreciates friendship and companionships and any other relationships. Lacking of SMS, lacking of chit chat are better than I don’t even recognise you and remember the memories we’ve shared together.

I don’t give a damn for those who never appreciate the relationship. It doesn't worth at all. Knowing you is more than enough. Because I know this has to work both ways. I believe a real friend will at least SMS-ing you just to say a simple ‘Hye’ and there you go, you’ve enlighten up my day. And that’s my friends, even if I go to a new place, make new friends there and they will never ever try to lose contact with me. That’s true! I moved to a new high school so-called SESERI during my Form 4 and Form 5. For God’s sake, they did ask and care about me till now. I mean really CARE! To date, we’ve known each other since standard 1 (most of them). It’s great to see we’ve grown up together and that’s why I trust them most. But then, how long you’ve become friends doesn’t make sense at all because all you need as a friend is just the LOVE at the first place.  Because the LOVE is blind, isn’t it? The duration is a bonus instead.

One more thing, what is the difference between CLOSE friends, BEST friends, GOOD friends? Different perceptions perhaps! All I know, you are my FRIENDS *wink wink*. Thanks for being one =D

I love you, fellas!


khadijah said...

thx jadi kawan aku..haha.:D

mR.faiz said...

Eventhough we are strangers to each other...
perhaps our friendship will last forever..:)

:asna: said...

thanks khaty. now&forever. InsyaAllah.

:asna: said...

faiz, God willing.
thanks fr evrything