Sunday, April 4, 2010

I need PEACE.

I just need someone right now. Unfortunately, I have no one. Yes, NO ONE! Because I won't burden you. Mind your own business please. Believe me, doing this will give you benefits sooner or later. How I wish you know that I'm totally miserable and I'm pretending not to be one. Actually, I'm in dilemma. Between YOUR happiness and MY happiness. And I chose YOURS! Pathetic? Hell NO! Somehow I feel I'm no longer myself you've known before.

I want you to be a good listener, not a problem solver but then, I know u can’t be for the reason I tend to keep it as a secret. And I’m wasting my time; waiting for everything would possibly change some day perhaps. Impossible! Sorry for all my wrongdoings all this while.  All I need is the strength in me which I used to have before. Whoever read this, I need your comments please. It’s hard to explain here  =(
I do appreciate your advices and motivations. Thanks a bunch.

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful,
Oh Allah, I seek refuge in You from being made to stumble, from straying and from being made to stray,
from doing wrong to others and from being wronged by others,
and from losing my temper with others, and their losing it with me.

p/s: Is there anyone would like to share some tips regarding interview? Sharing is caring -_-


aliah said...

asna !
what happened to u??

be strong dear..

ENNA said...

yeah...what happen???
juz be yourself...
be strong :D:D

fatiebagus ;) said...

Believe in prayer and in strong belief. Go strong babeh! :)