Monday, April 5, 2010

Why Aussie?

Top Reasons to Study in Australia

Students studying in Australia can choose from thousands of courses and experience a unique education with a learning style that encourages innovative, creative and independent thinking.

Australia is a dynamic, vibrant country filled with people who are energetic, friendly, confident and welcoming to those visiting or studying abroad.

With people from more than 100 ethnic groups, Australia is one of the world's most multicultural countries.

Australia boasts a low crime rate, as compared to other countries in the world.

Australia has a diverse environment unlike any other in the world and is committed to preserving its natural beauty and scenery. It has 14 World Heritage Areas listed on the United Nations registry of natural and cultural places of world significance.

The country is the perfect base from which to travel to other Pacific Rim countries such as Thailand and Fiji.

The Australian lifestyle is a unique blend of heart-racing sport, urban sophistication, technological innovation, strong interest in travel and love of a good time all formed by the history and geography of this land.



adam said...

nak ke aussie?(:

kurt said...

doing pharmacist eh?

khadijah said...

kata nak g uk dgn aku...haha

:asna: said...

adam: jum g sane :D

kurt: nope. acc

khaty: yeah, uk pon oke je.

kurt said...

plik lor..
bkpo eh rama minat acc?

:asna: said...

xpehe? HAHA!
urm samola bkpo ore mnt engineering
ko gano?

kurt said...

sapo plop amik engineering??

Amrah said...

another reason for studying in australia (esp melbourne): kak amrah is there! =p