Monday, May 10, 2010


We never claim ourselves as bestfriends and we know we never will, but somehow, for some unique reasons, in one way or another, our paths have always crossed.

Ex-schoolmates for two years, roomies and classmates for a year, 'working' in the same board - prefect and also my lunch partner and dinner as well ;) Plus, her friends are mine too.

Starting end of this month, we'll be placed in the same university. Our paths shall cross, again =)
But in the different departments because she is a lawyer-soon-to-be, InsyaAllah.

We do have our misunderstandings and miscommunications, and each of us has our own flaws, but such things make us understand each other even more. Little things that she does like listening to my problems&complaints without judging (knowing that that's the way to express my feelings), giving me her ayam during the school days (knowing that I have four chambers :P), willing to sleep with the lights on (knowing that I was at somewhere else, still) show how much she understands me, how she cares and for that I'm touched.

And she is the one&only KHADIJAH ABDUL RAHIM

Khaty, imydfm


zuleX said...

sweet nye..khaty, how lucky u are to have fren like asna(even though die POYO).... :P

Idayu Yusof said...


khadijah said...

woi,touching dowh.
asna,thx for evry single thing:)))
aku syg kau ;))

:asna: said...

zule', kau jgnlah jealous :P

khaty, deep frm my heart :)

zuleX said...

jeles npe plop? any concrete reasons?