Thursday, May 6, 2010

Aku kau?

I can't help myself but to feel driven to pen my personal thought on this. As much as I dislike listening to bad words and cruel remarks, the usage of the phrases like 'Aku' and 'Kau' is also something that makes me quite uncomfortable. Weird, huh? I know. =)

If you use the words 'Aku' & 'Kau' to converse with me during my childhood days (12 years old and below) –I would consider you as a rude one and it reflects your attitude as well =p The only reaction that you may not find is to see myself crying. Sebab saya GAGAH
J But then, just imagine if you say something which is far worse than 'Aku & Kau'!!! Haha!

It's only when I was in Form 4 @ SESERI, I started to learn how to use 'Aku & Kau', after being ‘forced’ by my dearest peers. Thanks to them, now I'm good at using them =). Actually, I adapted myself to the new environment which away differs from Kelantan. In terms of mentality, modernization, lifestyle and so on. Without objecting to the fact that sometimes such phrases reflect the closeness between friends or families, I'm still awkward to use such phrases with other people, other than my SESERI friends and a few Zainabians. Especially, BOYS ((:

My obvious choice would be - calling myself 'Asna' or 'saya'. But hey, that doesn't mean the usage of 'Aku & Kau' is totally prohibited during any conversation with me ok, girls?!!! =p
Unlike for boys :D


khadijah said...

hye asna.
AKU sihat,KAU?

zuleX said...

poyo..."aku n kau" not dat harsh aww rather than...

Afza Qistina said...

asnaaaa high five ! me tooo :)

:asna: said...

AKU sihat.
KAU jgn risau ;)

:asna: said...

rather than what? :P

:asna: said...

yeah qis.