Monday, August 30, 2010

Raya mode :)

It's such a long time since my last post. Ok, I lie. My last post was on one day before puasa, I guess. Currently, I'm in Nilai, still. I'm having no class this evening. Just gave a call to my both sis. Asking when she's going to back to KL. Yarr, that's all. Oh, she did offer to fetch me since tomorrow is holiday but then, I don't feel like going back home. At least, not in Puchong. I'm super excited to fly to Kelantan. UMMMMMMMMMMMMIII ! I'm home. Yeah, soon. Really soon. One week left. Hooray! And I'm thinking of spending time with my best buddies, I mean like having break fast together before this coming raya. What am I suppose to do? *thinking* Now, I am motivated enough. I need to finish up all my assignments, quizzes and whatsoever needed. Can't wait to pack for raya. Hehe. My life's great. Don't ask me why because every day, everything just happened. A lot of dramas, surprises ;) Act, I just recovered from fever and really bad sorethroat. Gosh, on my speaking test, i hardly could speak. Alhamdulillah, I  should be thankful and greatful since I did my very best.

Btw, when I talk about life, I've to confess here that I really annoy to those people who bump into one's life and being a busybody. No, thank you. I don't need you. Please don't bother about me anymore. Idc. See, I told you I can be mean. I mean really really really mean. And I did it. Don't ask for forgiveness, please. Honestly, I don't keep that inside but it hurts me somehow. To the one and only, I hope you know it's you. I have no ideas why people keep asking me as if I started 'it' and I ended it up with something bad which obviously, not me who did it. It's good to confess here to let you know. Don't worry, I'll take good care of myself. You, do mind your business please. You, you chose the wrong person to mess with. Remember that. And to whoever you are, don't try to mind my problems. Your kindness is appreciated. Correct me when I'm wrong. That's acceptable. But not for personal matter. InsyaAllah, if I need advices, I'll go for you. TQ.

And oh people, in case I'm late.

in advance :D

p/s : Strangers, you are welcomed to add me at FB but please don't get mad if you're not approved. I'm choosy :P Sorry for being so sarcastic here. Chill lah people.


HaYaT!!! said...

hey hey hey
alles gute zum raya :)

:asna: said...

hey :)
happy eid mubarak