Thursday, September 30, 2010


Send it on 

On and on 

Just one hand can heal another 

Be a part 

Reach your heart 

Just one spark starts a fire 

With one little action the chain reaction 

Will never stop 

Make it strong 

Shine a light and send it on 

The lyric is so meaningful and it reminds me to my buddies in IIUM. Oh, I dare to say I can't live without them. They are always there anytime I want. We might know for only a couple months but it's just like I've known them since I opened my eyes for the first time. We do have own scars, flaws and faults but that makes us wanna know better about each other. We do have different views, we fight but what matter's our friendship will never end. Even it's just for a day, I'll miss them so much like I do now. *sigh* Ok, let me introduce you to my so-called siblings :) Yes, we're family.

Someone who you can depend on. She's like our permanent mom ;) A good friend of mine since high school. Sat beside me when we're Form 1. And she got a very nice voice. I hope you'll be a singer one day. HAHA!


A very strong young lady. Deep inside only she knows. Just keep smiling, that's kinda her motto. She's not here now, I mean in Malaysia because she left to UK for good, for some personal reasons. She'll be back soon. Oh can't wait. I miss you, honey! Seriously, I do :'(


A girl with lenses and shawls. Little girl, I would say. Don't underestimate her. She laughs loud and lots. Most of the time, when she laughs I laugh :p A good secret keeper. The image consultant.
p/s : She has a lot of secret admirers. Pfft


She's like my life saver. A saviour to everyone (: She talks fast but I like it. She has her own song to cheer her up when she's down. A very sensitive person. She once cried when she listened to a Raya song. The song's not a sad song at all, trust me. Oh I can't remember the title.


She doesn't mind sharing. Just ask for her permission. Hehe. She got everything she wants and I do get jealous sometimes -__- And don't let her sing or else she'll recreate the lyrics.


Such a pretty girl. Everyone will agree this. No, she's not the one with beautiful face but 'kerek'. She's nice and kind as well. Sleeping is her routine, her hobby :p I hate it when people misjudge her. And hey, she's taken. Sorry guys ! :)

And we have interests in common.
  1. We love to eat so much. No doubt
  2. Laugh loud. Bare with us
  3. Very friendly. We say 'hye' to someone who we don't even know and to cleaners, janitors as well
  4. Share everything. Stories, laughter, tears, shawls, shoes, ahh you name it
  5. TOTALLY spies ;)
  6. KARAOKE ! :D

Reminder : You mess with them, you mess with me. BEWARE! And be nice to us, we'll be nice to you deal ? (:


nana said...

nice one! :)

keyla said...

kamu smua cantik :D

khalisah said...

OMG ? secret admires ? wic one ? hahaha. sengal :p
love u sayang ;-*

:asna: said...

nana : thanks :)

qilah : kamu cantik jugak :D

icah : HAHA ! see, nmpk sgt ramai :p lyt

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