Friday, October 8, 2010

♥ L.O.V.E ♥

I've been tagged to an article entitled 'When The Moon Fall In Love'. I feel like sharing to you. Yes, it's quite long but you'll never regret to read this article. You may click this to read the full one. I found something special about this article where I keep on thinking about it and there is something to tell about. Somehow, I realize how great LOVE is 

For the love that is never to be realized in this world, I’m praying to God to give us the strength to be patient until the love comes to realize in the Paradise full of Happiness. Just wait like how the Sun and the Moon has been waiting for each other from the beginning of the world until the End of the World. Whenever you are tired of waiting, think of how long the Sun and the Moon have been waiting.

And also, for the unmarried couple who are so in love with each other, there’s a boundary of which you can’t cross. Never to touch what is not yours. Never take it too far until you are lost with love of lust until it became Nafsu Cinta. Just like the Moon and the Sun, they wait with patient for the time, so you should do the same. Your time will come when you tie the knot and you can touch whatever that is yours. Love is a form of Test from Allah. The lovey dovey thing would be for nothing and fruitless if it’s not purify with Ikhlas only for Allah’s sake. You want to harvest the sweetest fruit (pious children) coming out of your love. If you fail the test of love, then you would not reach the Paradise, do you? Patient is definitely what being tested in love. And those who are pious should be able to excel the test well. First Class Honors maybe.

A woman is only halal for you when you marry her. Even if you change your Facebook status countless time, announcing you are now in relationship with that girl or that boy, nothing ever changes between you and her. Both of you remains ‘Haram’ for each other. So does engagement. Engagement would not automatically says she is ultimately yours. As I said before, marriage is the only way that you and your loved ones can act, live and love as a couple.


khalisah said...

u're totally rite dear. nice ;)

:asna: said...

yep yep. be patient XD

fatihah aminah said...

Be patient. :-D