Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Wasn’t feeling very well for a few days. Fever. Flu. Sore throat. Hence, less talking, less online-ing and more eating XD Feeling much better today. Even, Abah allowed me to join other OLC members. Actually, we planned a surprise birthday party for Dr. Wan, our lecturer. Yes, we did it! Good job Afiq for being the HERO. HAHA! Other supporting characters, Zule’, Paan, Afiq MH, Haziq, Munir, Fatin, Atiqah and Bro(?) Hussein. You guys rocksss! Thanks to Chia for the cake. Weenie and Dayah as well. Not forgetting, Kak Han and little Abdul Aziz. Your cook is so yummy ;) . Tania, thanks for the shawl. Madam Yanti, Madam Rose and Sir Azlan, thank you so much for helping us. Credit to me for the pic ^-^

Thanks to Zule' (again!) for inviting me to her BBQ party, at her parents’ crib. Hehe. The BBQ went well with the heaps of yummy food, good day & great company – Alyn, Mimi, Haziq and Afiq. Meeting new friends some more, the TKCians, Arre, Alia and Husni; Fad and others were there too. Babe, my apology for not staying overnight there. No worries, we’ll meet up soon aka tomorrow *wink* And oh! Your mom looks fabulous and young too!

mood: bengang :P

there, there BBQ-ing

Can't you see that?

After 'membuncit-ing' (proven: Zule' is a 'pelahap')

From left: Alia, Asna, Alyn, Arre, Husni, Fad


zuleX said...

akuh plak pelahap. well excuse me, i only lil tiny piece of cake while asna u ate all, perpinggan2!!! nyesal akuh xtook a snap..ngeng!

:asna: said...

uhuk uhuk.
dun deny please ;)